The Estate

SINCE 1583

Château Jean Voisin is part of the rich history of the Bordeaux region, and more specifically Saint-Émilion. A terroir renowned for its exceptional soil, the Romans must have had a true know-how to plant grapevines there in the 4th century.

Time passed and the constant search of perfection bore fruit in the 12th century as the wine from Saint-Émilion was served to the most prestigious of personalities. Even at the time, wine from this region was already considered of quality and had excellent ageing potential.

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Our story begins in 1583 when Jean Voysin, a notable resident of Saint-Émilion, where he later became the mayor for two years, established his residence on a small unexplored, yet preserved, piece of land. He quickly identified the terroir quality and its infinite promises clearly proven by his illustrious neighbours. On the heights of Saint-Émilion, invigorated by its winds and the life that unfolds there, Jean Voisin’s vines began to grow.

The vision of Jean Voysin marks the beginning of an era for the estate.

Situated on soil already renowned for its quality, Château Jean Voisin was subsequently recognized both nationally and internationally.

A sacred land

The 15 hectare vineyard is situated on the plateau of Saint-Émilion. Its blue clay subsoil is characteristic of exceptional terroirs similar to neighbours Château Cheval Blanc, Château Figeac and Pétrus.


Map of the General Staff (1820-1866)

Our advantage is an unsegmented vineyard surrounding the Château, tended to with passion and precision as if it was a garden. We analyzed 19 plots, with each one their own unique identity that contributes to the richness and complexity of our great wine. We work each plot of land differently according to its potential and how it can yield the best product. Merlot comprises 95% of our wine and beautifully expresses itself on the terroir and imparts the wine with a fruity taste and silky texture. The other 5% is our complex and elegant Cabernet Franc.

Thanks to technological advances (infrared aerial photos, pedological cuts, scheduled soil microbial analysis), we have adapted our intervention (drainage, tillage, etc.) to find the best wellness of the vine and the perfect maturing of its grapes.

Our passion for soil is one of the reasons why we operate in respect for the environment and future generations : for instance, we use green fertilizer to improve soil structure and biological activity. In addition, we opt for mechanical weeding, not insecticide…

In our quest for constant improvement, we dedicated a plot of land as a ‘laboratory’ where we carry out tests and experimentation in partnership with Hubert de Boüard’s (owner of Château Angélus) team and local institutions.

Chateau Jean Voisin